Many people visiting the site will know my name Eddie Houston, more synonymous with Rock Groups, and guitars, having built up a successful career in the music  industry  playing with many  famous bands including Thin Lizzy, Creed, Pilot and many  more. Previous to this I worked with Canon as a Technical Manager repairing and overseeing the running of both a photographic department,  and photocopier repairs. Photography  never left me and I suppose the art of repairing particularly FD range has always been with me. With the influx of adapters and other disciplines these old lenses which are far superior in engineering and optical characteristics still have a valid place in today's photography world, and more so now with the advent of DSLR HD Video.

We are a small family business each customer who contacts us or orders from us is treated with value and respect, we hope that “ONE VISIT MEANS MANY “

Mr DAN CHUNG is a Multi  award-winning photographer who works for the Guardian Newspaper, and also HD DSLR Video Consultant for CANON , he recently sent a few lenses to me to be de clicked for HD DSLR video work, so impressed was he by the new Fluid Variable aperture he took time to write  about the

newly designed Lens Doctor aperture system in his Internet Blog. Here is a link to the feature below, I am sure if you require a lens for Video on your DSLR , you too will be impressed by the action of the system , one movement from fully open to fully closed , without bumps or clicks .

PHILIP BLOOM  DP, Director, Film-maker

I was recently contacted by Philip Bloom , Film Director  and Guru, who had heard of my click less aperture FVA, through a mutual friend, he sent up 6 lenses Zeiss ZF and Voigtlander, Sam Yang to convert with my aperture, there was also a couple of lenses for repair, he was absolutely delighted with both the aperture and the quality of workmanship that was done to his lenses  so much so he took some time to write up a blog on his own website

a copy of the blog is linked below  for everyone to read . This endorsement of my work and products is a very highly regarded testimony  from a highly respected Filmmaker, and i feel honoured and privileged that he has found my work and products to his satisfaction in a pretty competitive market place. I cannot thank him enough for his endorsements.

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